Why Victory Greens Has The Best Topsoil In Boise

In the 20+ years that we’ve been in business here in Meridian we have had the ability to sort out only the best available garden and landscape products to have for sale. Our premium topsoil is no exception. Many years ago we used to get our topsoil from various suppliers around the valley. At one point in time we kept getting complaints from our customers that nothing would grow in the topsoil we had been selling at that time. Not wanting this to keep being an issue we set out to find the problem. After quite a bit of investigative work we finally learned that the topsoil we were getting from our supplier was sourced from various locations all over the Treasure Valley. It turns out that when a field was excavated for development, most of that topsoil would be dumped into a big pile at the suppliers storage lot.  We discovered that some of the topsoil we had acquired during this time was excavated from a lot that had been sprayed with sterilizing plant killer! No wonder nothing would grow in it. This continues to be how most other places in the valley that sell topsoil get theirs. But not us.

We decided to find a better source for topsoil. And we were able to find someone who owned huge areas of land near the Boise river. We struck a deal and we are now the only place in the valley to provide this nutrient rich sandy loam topsoil from the Boise River beds. The soils that are excavated here have not been exposed to pollutants or chemical treatments of any kind and truly is a premium topsoil. Taking it a step further, all the topsoil is screened to remove any weed seeds, rocks, sticks, or other contaminants. It works great for planting sod, filling garden beds, or making landscape berms. When combined with compost to create our garden mix blend it will grow plants like you wouldn’t believe!

There is always plenty of topsoil in our nursery available by the yard. Come by anytime and pick some up for your garden and landscape projects, or call to learn more about our delivery options.

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