What trees grow well in Idaho?

Top 5 Trees For The Boise Area:

1. Autumn Blaze Maple

2. Shademaster Honey Locust

3. Canada Red Chokecherry

4. Sensation Maple

5. River Birch

A lot of the soils in the Boise area are clay based. Choosing a tree that grows well here will require it to be hardy and tolerant of all soil conditions. It also needs to withstand the big temperature differences we have. The following trees all grow well in the Boise area and are available for purchase from Victory Greens.

Autumn Blaze Maple Tree

Autumn Blaze Maple

This is a fast growing tree that’s popular in the Treasure Valley. It is a hybrid tree that is a cross between the red and silver maple. They are green in the spring and in the fall turn into a brilliant red and orange coloring. This is the beautiful red tree that you often associate with fall colors...

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How To Plant A Tree In The Boise Area Step By Step

Once you are ready to plant your new tree…

  1. Dig a hole that is respectfully wider than the root ball. *Note, that some areas restrict the size of the hole you can dig so make sure to have measurements ready when purchasing a tree or any other plant material. A wider hole will allow the roots to easily penetrate the surrounding soils and establish themselves. Try not to dig the hole any deeper than the root ball. It is usually best to set the root ball on undisturbed soil (see adjacent diagram).How To Plant A Tree Boise
  2. Your tree should be planted 1 to 3 inches above ground level rather than too deep. This insures your tree will be able to breath and have adequate oxygen for the root system even if you do not have well-drained soil.Before placing your tree in the hole, measure again and verify the hole is dug to th...
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