What trees grow well in Idaho?

Top 5 Trees For The Boise Area:

1. Autumn Blaze Maple

2. Shademaster Honey Locust

3. Canada Red Chokecherry

4. Sensation Maple

5. River Birch

A lot of the soils in the Boise area are clay based. Choosing a tree that grows well here will require it to be hardy and tolerant of all soil conditions. It also needs to withstand the big temperature differences we have. The following trees all grow well in the Boise area and are available for purchase from Victory Greens.

Autumn Blaze Maple Tree

Autumn Blaze Maple

This is a fast growing tree that’s popular in the Treasure Valley. It is a hybrid tree that is a cross between the red and silver maple. They are green in the spring and in the fall turn into a brilliant red and orange coloring. This is the beautiful red tree that you often associate with fall colors. At full growth these trees can be 40-60ft tall and 40-60ft wide.

Shademaster Honeylocust Tree

Shademaster Honey Locust

This tree is low maintenance and works great for most yards. It provides excellent shade without completely blocking out the sun so your lawn and other plants will still get plenty of sunlight. It thrives in all soil conditions and is also resistant to pollution and salts. They grow 50-75ft tall and 25-40ft wide. It’s small leaves mean it won’t require much if any fall cleanup.

Canada Red Chokecherry Tree

Canada Red Chokecherry

Chosen by our staff as “the best tree for the Boise area” this is an amazing tree. It has an eye catching foliage that emerges green in the spring and turns into a dark purple moving into summer. Only growing to around 25ft tall and 20ft wide it will be a great choice for smaller yards or a street tree. It is fast growing and draught tolerant. It also does well in all soil types.

Sensation Maple

Sensation Maple

A very nice shade tree that grows 30-35ft tall and 20-25 feet wide. It grows well in smaller areas and is relatively drought tolerant. Easy to care for it does good in most soil types and can withstand a high ph. This tree can handle rough climates and has great fall colors. Having several of them lining a driveway or street makes for some excellent looking landscape.

River Birch Tree

River Birch

The River Birch is a very adaptable and heat tolerant tree. It looks good as the focus of a yard or as a shade tree. Popular for its smooth, light tan bark that peels to reveal salmon colored patches. Very fast growing and can actually double in size over a couple of years. Growing well in most soils, this tree also comes in a single stem or multi-stem variety. At full height it can be 25-50ft tall and 25-35ft wide.

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