Where to get fire pits installed in Boise

Where To Buy Firepits Boise


How to choose a fire pit that best suits your backyard

A fire pit can be as simple as using sand or gravel as a base and stacking natural stones to contain the flames. While safety is important, designing the perfect plan for your fire pit includes budget, needs, & style.

Some fire pits are designed to be the focal point of the patio area, these fire pits take center stage and may overlook the landscape, while others are placed in a discrete area with limited seating for privacy.

When deciding on the hardscape material, consider how natural stone, brick pavers, concrete products or tile may absorb the heat from lava rock, river rock and even glass beads can be luring options to replace a simple sand base. Basalite fire pit kits are designed with these features in mind.

Other popular features like:
– Mantel, hearth or table
– Height of the retaining wall (the higher the column the more visible the flame),
– Size or deepness of the bowl or pit,
– Choice of fuels like wood, gas, propane or ethanol
– Consider if you will include other features like •Convenient log rack
– Smoking chimney
– Warming rack
– Custom fit cover
– Spark guard, poker, grate or grill

Whether your do-it-yourself project is completed in a couple of hours or whether you enjoy steps and phases to expand your design along with your happy memories, it’s a given that your fire pit will be a cost-friendly way to not only add warmth, light, and atmosphere to your back yard but it will also add value to your home and lifestyle. Come by Victory Greens Stone yard and let us assist you with your project. We want to serve you.

Contact us today and we will help you design your own fire pit space in your backyard.