Compost Boise

Where To Buy Compost in Bulk And Benefits Of Using Compost

Come and see us at Victory Greens for all your compost needs. We have several types of compost and topsoils available in bulk. Our goal is to meet your needs with quality product at affordable prices.

Garden Compost Boise

Compost products we carry:

  • Garden Compost
  • Cascade Compost
  • Nu-Earth Compost
  • Quality Dairy Compost

Why compost?

Compost enriched soil is easy to work with and noticeably enhances growth. Healthy soil has beneficial insects, worms and an increased population of microorganisms that burrow through topsoil and naturally keep it aerated. Beneficial bacteria and fungi help support healthy plant growth when organic matter is add to your soil.

What compost does is help break down organic matter in your soil then releases and provides essential nutrients for plant material. Micronutrients are often absent in synthetic fertilizers. Natural compost enriches the soil and releases nutrients slowly unlike store bought fertilizers. Its organic matter provides nutrients for months and often time, years to the plants, trees and shrubs.

Soils amended with compost ward off plant diseases naturally. Healthy soil helps bring pH level to the optimum range for nutrient availability to trees, shrubs and plants. Harmful pests can overrun unhealthy, lifeless soil and spread diseases. Beneficial microorganisms protect plants from pests and disease.

Compost helps break up clay and silt soils that have tightly bound particles so the roots can penetrate and spread naturally. It also helps water drainage and allows healthy roots to breath and obtain needed oxygen.

Compost helps retain water and nutrients when added to sandy soil. It improves the soil structure where it is better equipped to hold moisture and resist compaction. Healthy, fertile soil has superior moisture retention, allowing you to use less water on your lawn or garden.

Remember, compost aids in soil erosion as well, healthy soil decreases run-off, which pollutes storm drains, streams and waterways. With compost amended healthy soil, unwanted chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides are decreased which is an important factor in protecting our water.

At Victory Greens, we promise to provide the very best quality composts available in the Boise valley. We offer delivery of all our bulk composts, mulches and premium topsoil within a 24-hour period in the Treasure Valley. Often times, our deliveries can be made the same day as the order. If you would like more information about our bulk composts, mulches and topsoil products, please call us at (208) 888-5551. Have a wonderful day!