What Soil Should You Use In Your Garden?

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Choosing the right type of soil for your garden can be tricky. There are many different types of soils available on the market, and it’s hard to know which one is best suited to meet your needs. In this post, we will explore some popular choices as well as what you should look for in a good quality soil that will work well with your plants!

Every spring we get a lot of customers asking for garden soil, many of them may not know the specific kind of soil or compost they will need. Choosing the right one will depend on whether you are starting a new garden or have an existing one.

If you have an existing garden that has been growing for a while, it’s time to amend the soil. Adding compost will be a great option, but keep in mind it will need to be thoroughly mixed into the existing soil and allowed to sit for a week or two before it will be ready for planting. Straight composts are too “hot” for direct planting and will most likely cause your plants to die. We have both organic and manure based composts available by the yard to get your garden soils ready for the growing season.

Organic Compost Victory Greens Boise

If you are starting a new garden or garden box, we have soils that will work perfect for those too. Our most popular one is the 70/30 mix. It is a combination of organic compost and our premium topsoil. The compost is made locally using a decades old process that is proven to produce some of the best material you can get. The topsoil is a sandy loam which will provide a looser soil allowing more air, nutrients and water to reach your plant’s roots. It is screened so it does not contain any rocks, sticks, seeds or other contaminants. The best part about the 70/30 mix is that it is ready to plant anytime. You can fill your garden area with it and plant right away. No need to mix or wait for the right time like when using composts. Many master gardeners in the Treasure Valley use our 70/30 mix with amazing results!

At Victory Greens we always have plenty of the composts and 70/30 mix in stock and for sale by the yard. And we offer delivery to the Treasure Valley area too! Contact us for more details at 208-888-5551.