Prepare Your Garden Soils For Winter With Compost

Fall isn’t just the best time to winterize your grass and landscape plants. Your garden can also benefit from having compost, raw organic matter, and organic nutrients added to it. As you harvest and clear out your crops you will want to loosen up the soil and mix in a layer of compost.

Fall Garden Composting Mulching

Before the ground freezes the nutrients in the compost will help microbes and other beneficial organisms to grow. Your worn out end of the season soil will be prepped and ready for planting in the spring.

Just harvesting your garden plants and leaving the soil as is for the winter can cause you to have low amounts of microbes and nutrients to get your seeds going when you plant again in the spring. Garden soil that is regularly mixed with compost will be better able to hold air, water, and drain more effectively. Composted soil can also help prevent insect and disease problems in your plants.

Covering your composted areas with mulch can help keep the soils intact from heavy winter rains or water saturation. Over the course of winter soil organisms will be at work under the mulch bringing the compost deeper into the soil.

Here at Victory Greens we sell several kinds of compost and mulches. They are available in bulk by the yard. Come by our nursery during October or November and we will get you all setup with everything you need to prepare your lawn and garden soils for winter.