Where To Buy Landscape Rock Near Boise

Where To Buy Landscape Rock Near Boise

Victory Greens has been the Boise area’s best source of landscaping rock for nearly 30 years. Our Meridian stone yard has over 35 types of bulk rock available by the yard. Our decorative rock has a huge variety of uses whether you want to dress up your plant beds, create a driveway or path, or give a custom look to different areas of your yard.

Unlike other types of ground cover materials, decorative rock will maintain it’s appearance indefinitely. If a proper weed barrier is used it will remain weed free and low maintenance for many years. It is extremely durable and won’t break down or need replacing like wood chips or bark do.

Because it comes in so many sizes and colors, you can create almost any look you can think of to match your landscaping ideas.

How can I figure out how much rock I need?

As a general rule, a 10ft x 12ft area can be covered 2 inches deep with one yard of material. A yard of material is 27 cubic feet. To give you some idea, a yard will fill roughly half the bed on most average pickup trucks. If math isn’t really your thing, bring the measurements of the area you’d like to cover with rock to our stone yard. One of our friendly staff will help calculate how much material you need.

How much does landscape rock cost in Boise?

At Victory Greens we sell most of our rock by the yard. The cost will depend on which rock you choose, call us for pricing. If you need a lot of rock, say from 20 yards up to hundreds of yards. We can accommodate you but you will need to call us to make arrangements for such large quantities.

Where to buy landscape rock near Boise?

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